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Thread: Jetbeam PA40 & Fenix LD41 CRI rating?

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    Question Jetbeam PA40 & Fenix LD41 CRI rating?

    I'm looking for a bright general purpose / hunting flashlight with emphasis on fill -vs- throw that will illuminate natural colors as close as possible. In particular I want red to show up as red at night for tracking.. Reading through posts I understand it is reflected in the LED's CRI rating. I'm considering the Jetbeam PA40 or Fenix LD41 as AA powered flashlights in the price range I'm interested in. Does anyone happen to have the CRI rating of each, and are there certain LED configurations/models I should look for? I've read the reviews for each flashlight, but didn't see CR listed. I'd be interested in input on tint as well. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Jetbeam PA40 & Fenix LD41 CRI rating?

    They both use cool white XML, so the CRI should not differ. I believe the PA40 also comes in neutral white, which should be better the the cool white ones.

    If you really want a high CRI light, you probably have to Lego a light yourself and find a HI CRI drop in. Or you could use HID lights.

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    Default Re: Jetbeam PA40 & Fenix LD41 CRI rating?

    They both use the Cree XM-L cool white emitter (unless otherwise stated). Cree spec sheet says 65 CRI for cool white, and 75 CRI for neutral white.

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    Default Re: Jetbeam PA40 & Fenix LD41 CRI rating?

    Thanks for the helpful replies.. I believe I'm going for the neutral white.

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