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Thread: streamlight microstream C4

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    Default streamlight microstream C4

    after trying to mod my old microstream without success i needed a new light but since they upgraded the line since i got my previous microstream 3 years ago i thought id share some information and pictures of the new version


    A nice presentation in an actual easy to open clamshell, good job streamlight

    back of the packaging

    the perforated back isnt the easiest to open since it tore sideways a few times but it SURE beats trying to wrestle these things with scissors.

    so lets break this thing open

    the package contains 1 microstream, 1 energizer alkaline battery, a spare rubber booth and a breakaway neck lanyard which had trouble breaking away upon testing...

    the light measures a hair under 9 CM long and 1.5 CM wide

    as the 'new' stylus pro the microstream has the same revised tail cap with a somewhat easier switch than my in march purchased stylus, it allows some momentary on with a deep push for the constant on click. because of this new design the user can replace the booth in case it wears out. trying to mod my old microstream this suddenly happened and the rubber booth completely fell off. the new tail cap is a nice improvement feature

    dry threads upon arrival, nice and clean though. added some balistol and it should do fine

    little old V new

    for those wondering, no that is not a smudge on your screen, the light itself has some really odd marks on it

    Not the nicest anodizing job ive seen streamlight do but this is a user light for me so it doesnt bother me

    old emitter V the new C4

    the newer version of microstream also has a double sided or rollover pocket clip. this allows the light to be clipped to collars, hats, anything basically. however because i carry this light in a rear pocket i did not like the added lump at the 'front' of the clip and replaced it with the clip i had from my old micro

    the output is nice and bright. i use this as a weak hand light, so i can reach it when my strong hand is occupied but i still need a light. its a nice bright beam with some minor artifacts and decent color balance, tad of green could be detected but white wall hunting with a <20 USD light... for those wondering, its not a flood light, it has a nice spot with nice spill with some led rings in the beam, nothing the common user would notice

    personally it was a shame my old microstream broke but with the upgrades it shouldnt take to long to get over it. really like this light and would recommend it to anyone. for those wondering, the bezel and body is now 1 piece so the maratac, olight, itp, l0d trick wouldnt work on this new generation.
    Still the microstream in my opinion fills a gap of being the only single mode clicky AAA light with a decent output.

    hope that this small overview helps some people making a decision or looking for certain information.


    streamlight, hurry up and update some more models with the newer emitters
    yeah i bought another one... the last one just wasnt what i was looking for

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    Default Re: streamlight microstream C4

    I love this light. I have three two of which are the new ones. Strangely enough they have two different emitters. One of my new ones has a XP-C while the other a XP-E. Seems like the XP-E is now the new cheap emitter. My streamlight PT 2AAA has a XP-E as well.

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    Default Re: streamlight microstream C4

    Nice little light , but I agree , it could have a better clip.Glad to find a light this size with a little throw.

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    Default Re: streamlight microstream C4 Clip

    I love the new clip on the microstream and regularly clip it to the brim of a baseball cap as a head lamp!

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    I love this little light! I am running an unregulated Trustfire 10440 cells and it pumps! I have noticed that it is a bit of a challenge to get the cell to hit the +/- contacts in my particular light to match up, so changing cells is a test of patience, but it kicks my AAA Maratac copper (which I also love). Probably 2X's the output.

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    Default Re: streamlight microstream C4

    Thanks everyone for the info. I just bought one on eBay. Was using a Fenix E01 which I liked but at 28 instead of 10 lumens the Streamlight is quite a bit brighter. If I like it I'll probably buy a couple more.
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