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Thread: Jetbeam BC40 C Series Tailcap Compatible.

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    Default Jetbeam BC40 C Series Tailcap Compatible.

    For the past two weeks, I've been very busy playing with my Jetbeam BC40 running two AW 2600mah cells. I couldn't be happier with it Needless to say, it's tons brighter than the Surefire 6P and 4Sevens Quark AA^2 that I also own. Recently I got a little curious, and decided to swap out the tailcap on my BC40 and replace it with the momentary tailcap from my 6P, and it works like a charm with CR123A and shorter 18650 cells! My AW 2600's are a little too long, but the IMR 1600's I've got seem to work just fine. I've never been a huge fan of the squishy feel of the BC40 clicky, and I must say I'm quite thrilled with the outcome of this. Has anyone else tried a SF or other brand tailcap on their BC40? What have your results been?
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    Default Re: Jetbeam BC40 C Series Tailcap Compatible.

    When I was looking to buy my 2nd mid priced, higher end LED light, I was torn between the BC-40 and the iTp A6 Polestar. I chose the iTp A6 because it was cheaper from the get-go because it runs on 6-AA batteries, and at that time I had no 18650's and no charger for them. PLus I got the iTp A6 online from a store that was going out of business so they dropped the price, which at that time was about $79.99 down to $59.99. I have no regrets buying it because its my only Cree MC-E light, and has probably the best overall blend of throw and flood of any of my now 18 lights. It definitely has the widest spill beam, but also has a moderately tight hot spot and throws well. It has 3 modes instead of 2, and its about 2.5" shorter, but its high is 700L instead of 830 like the BC-40.

    However, I also want a BC-40 too, because its inexpensive, and seems like a great light. But now the other company that is connected to Jetbeam called Nitecore has introduced a BC-40 of their own, called the MT-40, and if you compare the 2 lights, its the same light with different knurling and fins and stuff, but the MT-40 has more modes. It has 4 modes instead of 2, and its the same price as the BC-40. So although I'd prefer the MT-40, either would be good.

    But I am way off topic here. The important thing is that its good that you were able to fit other brands' tailcaps onto the BC-40 if you dont like the squishiness of their switch, but I can tell you after owning 3 jetbeam lights with squishy switches, that its doesnt seem to be a sign of weakness or anything, and I have not had any problems with the switch on my Jetbeam BC-10, which is my EDC light, and has been in my pocket every day. It was my 1st nice LED light, so I had no other switches to compare it with, because I didnt own any other lights with rear switches, so it seemed normal to me. It still does even though I have many tail cap switch type lights now.

    The Jetbeam switch is just a different design that has more travel than most other switches, and I dont think its going to be a problem other than its just slightly less tight feeling and travels further, and feels a bit squishy..
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