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    Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the white adhesive is that fastens the star shaped disk that has the LED on it to the heatsink. Is this something that is available online for purchase and if not is there an alternative as I am looking to repair one of my broken flashlights and am gonna try my hand at replacing the disk with a new one. Thanks.

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    It's called thermal adhesive. There are two types that are popular on CPF and can be found on Wayne's website:


    Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive
    Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive

    Both will do the job just fine, but the Arctic Thermal has better heat transfer specs.

    If you need heatsinking goop without the adhesive quality (ie: if the LED PCB is held in place by screws) you should look at the Arctic Silver 5 Compound.

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    You can also get large batches of noname thermal paste or glue on eBay and they should be fine if you the LEDs aren't being pushed too hard.

    I've got a tube of cheap thermal glue and it seems just fine for a Cree XM-L @2.8A, the LED MCPCB and heatsink both heated up relatively evenly. I don't have a IR camera or thermometer to check actual temperatures though, and the MCPCB might not be the best either.

    The thermal paste is only meant for filling in gaps between the two metal layers, so when modding the light, use as little thermal goop as possible and make sure the layer is thin and even.

    Thermal paste doesn't transfter heat as well as the meta to metal layer (even some tooth paste work decently as a thermal compound from what I've read).

    If you are using glue, keep applying pressure until the glue sets.

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