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Thread: Mini-Maglite Pro+ in the hurricane

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    Default Mini-Maglite Pro+ in the hurricane

    Amazing light. 245 Lumens in candle mode, up on a high shelf, with a mirror angled a bit to wash over the ceiling -- lit up the whole living room nicely. Could read by it; but would want to move it closer if reading for a long time. Low is what, 60-70 Lumens, which is nicely bright for walking around with.

    Also hung it from a string a couple feet above a table and was able to play a boardgame, along with an LED D-cell horizontally up on a few books, with a tin-foil shade to cast down on the cards & keep the glare out of our eyes.

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    Default Re: Mini-Maglite Pro+ in the hurricane

    Nice! Always wanted the Pro+, just waiting for the Tacs & AAA's to do a massive order. How is the Pro+ for runtime on high? The XL 200 is nice, but a pig

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