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Thread: PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

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    Default PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

    I'm looking for a headlamp that combines an incandescent with LEDs. I'm not crazy about the Petzl Myo 3, so that's out. Is there anything else I should be looking at? Does anybody have experience with both the Gemini and Yukon?

    Pros and cons?

    Which would you buy and why?


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    Default Re: PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

    Out of curiosity what don't you like about the MYO ?

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    Default Re: PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

    Hey JON,

    My reasons are aesthetics and price. I don't really like the colors of the MYO3. I prefer the look of the LEDs integrated into the reflector on the Gemini and Yukon as well. The price of the MYO3 is a little steeper than the other two lamps.

    I don't have anything against Petzl products, in fact I loved my Zoom. It ran for six years on the original bulb!


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    Default Re: PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

    I have both the Yukon and Gemini.

    Gemini has 2 LEDs (my older one has only 1), and Yukon has 3 LEDs. Yukon's LEDs are very bright (I think the reflector helps) and a bit blue. Beam is not entirely smooth due to reflections off faceted reflector, but is not bad either.

    Stock bulb on Gemini is weak, but you can replace it with a Yukon bulb (fits right in). So let's compare reflectors on both with Yukon bulbs:

    The Yukon incandescent completely blows away the Gemini for throw, if that's what you want. Widen it (it's focusable) and it's not very smooth. At tightest focus it is poor for looking through the woods (too tight). Gemini is extremely smooth and wide (really an excellent beam profile), but lacks throw. It's an excellent reflector to use in conjunction with a long throw torch for occasional spotting.

    Construction on both is very good. Neither is entirely waterproof (I've tested this myself). Gemini is lighter, with smaller battery compartment, but larger head. The bezel on the Yukon is heavy and protudes out a little too far, but isn't a major problem. I prefer Gemini pivot screw, as it's more rugged and can be tightened with a thumbnail.

    Take the best of both and you'd have a super headlamp. Either one is very good, though, and I recommend them both.

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    Default Re: PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

    The MYO line is coming in all BLACK. They are called MYO Noir. Check out the Petzl website. I think they are shipping in late Dec or Jan.

    You can run a search on www.froogle.google to find a low price.

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    Default Re: PT Yukon vs. BD Gemini vs. ???

    Theres the Pelican Headsup 2620 which has 3 leds and 1 xenon. I think its a nice one cos it is light enough that you dont need the other strap that goes over the top of your head. Runs 3 AAA and pretty decent runtime too... Too bad I got the 3 Led one w/o the incan, wish I'd bought the other one instead now!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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