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Thread: WTB Black Oveready Moddoolar

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    Default WTB Black Oveready Moddoolar

    I am looking for an Oveready Moddoolar with: C Triad Tail with clip black, H3 Triple head with crenelations black, multiple cell tubes (shorty, slim, etc.), diamondback tailcap, etc. Essentially any and all of the moddoolar black.

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    Hello Zerocool120:

    I have nearly everything that you are looking for. Several New Black 1 and 2-Cell Moddoolar Bodies, Triad Tailcap w/ Black Long Belt Clip Installed, Black Smoothie Bezel with Polished SS 7-Ring Crenelations, Moddoolar C Adapter Ring, The Head that I purchased is a Black Cryos Cooling Bezel with a Moddoolar 1100-Lumen Tripple H/M/L Cool-White Drop-In! All items are in Like-New Never-Carried Condition. I can make 2 complete flashlights with one of my M60 Drop-Ins from Gene Malkoff. Expensive Gear to be sure. If interested, send me a reply via PM, please! Thanks---JPHIII

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