Hello fellow Flashaholics and Enlightened !!

I am offering here a Maglite 2D modded to take 18650 batteries (2x) and using a 5x Cree R2 from DX (I believe it should be sku 35241), rated at 1200 lumens (single mode). I don't know the exact lumens power, but it overruns a Solarforce M3 on throw and shear power...

Also for sale 2 minimag modded with p60 drop in.

I have a Mag 2C with 25500 liion with the same 5x Cree head (but more flood then throw on that edition) and don't need to duplicated the flashlight with the 2D.

Mag 2D:
Selling for 50 US$ + shipping (should be around 7-8$ worldwide from Europe as standard but buyer can chose other option, insured etc...)

- Mag 2D (D2026961353) blue (with little ding on the tail-cap, see picture)
- DX drop in (i believe it should be sku 35241 but not sure) rated 1200 lumens, 1 mode, using 5x Cree R2
- home made adapter for 18650 x2
- modified spring (shortened)
- original parts (before modding, reflector, bulb holder etc...)

Mini mag, with XP-G and XR-E P60 drop in:

The blue one was my first mod, therefor the scratched on the head. It had the XR-E p60 drop in, with an estimated 150 lumens as a wild guess. It uses a 18mm reflector, glued in with thermal paste. Quite throwy. It takes 2 14500 3.7v batteries. Price 10$ + shipping should be around 5-6$ worldwide from Europe.

The grey one is my second mod, much more successful. It has the XP-G and an aspheric lens that is quite floody. It's the brightest one on the picture with a gild guess of lumens around 200-250... It takes 2 14500 3.7v batteries. Price 20$ + shipping should be around 5-6$ worldwide from Europe.

Both mini mag come with original box, and belt pouch (1 leather and 1 plastic, with can chose)

Optional: for 5$ i add 2 IMR 14500 600mAh (not AW, it think DX, with blue package)

First gets it!!

Your Mrija!!


Mini mag: