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Thread: LS4 holster?

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    Default LS4 holster?

    I just ordered a KL4 head for my E2e - I can hardly wait!
    The Surefire website says the LS4 will not fit the E2e holster. Anybody know what aftermarket holster fits, either leather or cordura?

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    I have a On/Scene Kydex holster I got from Tactical Warehouse for the L4 that works great! You can have it sit horizontal or vertically on your belt and it holds my L4 very nicely...easy to get to, and it won't come out on it's own...I think it was $21. Suchadeal.

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    Default Re: LS4 holster?

    countycomm inova pouch is perfect for the L4

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    It will probably fit in the FS V21

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    ufokillerz said:
    countycomm inova pouch is perfect for the L4

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    I agree. The two sizes available from Countycomm are going to cover fitting a lot of 2 cell lights. L4, PM6, McLux, McLux PR, X5T, E-series, G2, P6 and more. Best part is that they are well made, allow many carry options and cost $5.00 a piece. The small one fits the L4 and allows for horizontal carry too.

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    an extra piece of velcro also allows the Countycomm holster to fit the Streamlight 7LED light

    Also the same piece of velcro on the same holster allows my Z2 + KL3 to fit the holster as well. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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