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Thread: New LS and EDC Method

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    Default New LS and EDC Method

    Well I finally got my ARC's, an LS-1 and an AA. Great lights and I am enjoying both. Carry at first was a slight problem, as dropping them in a pocket was annoying and a little uncomfortable. I also really didn't want them dinged from change, keys, etc. My solution was to take the clip from an Inova micro light I had lying around. I slipped it threw the split ring on the ARC's and clipped it to the top of my pocket. I loosened the clip by bending with some pliers and it works great with either light. Just thought I would put in my .02 cents worth.


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    Default Re: New LS and EDC Method


    I just got my first LS also and the quality (like the AA or AAA) is top notch.

    There's no camparison between a cheap light and a quality product like ARC or Surefire sells. I'm slowly getting rid of my second-class lights and focusing (is there a pun there?)on the best.


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