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Thread: sunwayman v11r mirage edition

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    Default sunwayman v11r mirage edition

    Hey all, has anyone seen the new sunwayman v11r mirage edition, just saw it and obviously had to buy it. Looks like a regular v11r but with a very sweet red camo pattern reminiscent of the jetbeam bk135a camo.
    This is my first sunwayman so I'm rather looking forward to it

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    Yep. Saw it and bought it. Its quite gorgeous, both with and without the extender.

    Only thing that is bugging me a little is that the magnetic ring in mine seems to be lacking a bit of grease, its rather hard to turn compared to my old v10r.

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    Default Re: sunwayman v11r mirage edition

    Yeah saw another thread on it this morning & ordered one....

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