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Thread: What makes a flashaholic?

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    Default What makes a flashaholic?

    I just had to post this. Perhaps we can have people chime in on their quirky flashaholic experiences?

    I was at the store today and saw this. The very first thing that came to my mind was "wow, that is one big flashlight pocket clip!!!!" hahaha. Does that make me a flashaholic??? :-P

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    Default Re: What makes a flashaholic?

    Posting on Valentine's Day night makes you a flashaholic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EscapeVelocity View Post
    Posting on Valentine's Day night makes you a flashaholic.
    HAHA. Now that made me laugh... The store I was in was red! So it's even a valentines day imaginary giant flashlight pocket clip photo! :-P

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    Default Re: What makes a flashaholic?

    Very funny... I think it is Very obvious that it is a clip (ok a big one)

    You don't realise as a flashaholic that every single day your eye is roving around in this frame of mind ... I knew I was in trouble when my wife asked my why I was looking at a cigar shaped leather clad tube in the lipstick section of the pharmacy. She was clearly wondering if this was a present for her. It was a kind of womans accessory - a little leather contraption for carrying lipstick tubes safely on travels. I could instantly see others uses .... Like my sunwayman V10r traveling inside this tube..... I wasn't put off. To the horror of the sales woman I took out my SVM v10r Ti light and squeezed it into the leather 'holster'. The look on my wife and the sales girl was priceless.
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    During the day when I don't need a torch ... RC is my hobby on the lookout for McGizmo/Kuku Titanium torches with Trits..

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    Default Re: What makes a flashaholic?

    What makes a flashaholic ?

    One hundred posts !


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    Haha. I did that with diffusers. I have the quark aa2 and I was checking everything i saw that had any sort of diffusive properties in stores all the time. "this might work... oooh, i could make that fit my light..." i think she was getting sick of it. :-P

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    Default Re: What makes a flashaholic?

    There are also threads already started just for this subject here
    And here

    This is also a good one. Tho it makes reference to many other posts already being started on this subject.
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    Default Re: What makes a flashaholic?

    Start to participate at CPF is a pretty good way to make a flashoholic...

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