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Thread: Use LED working temperature to radiate heat?

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    Default Use LED working temperature to radiate heat?


    My objective is to understand if is it possible to use the P-N LED junction temperature to affect the ambient temperature (in close proximity like 2 or 3 mm). I'd like to reach around 40ºC (313 Kelvin, 104 F) and if possible to control this LED temperature influence by a current driver.

    Is this possible/feasible?

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    Default Re: Use LED working temperature to radiate heat?

    With 0 airflow, maybe, but too rusty with thermodynamics to predict temperature differential. I can't imagine why though .. must better heating sources than a LED.

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    Default Re: Use LED working temperature to radiate heat?

    In short, I would say that a filament bulb with voltage control will work better for this than an LED will. My reasoning is as follows:

    1. A filament is a heater. Using optics to shape this heat works reasonably well, too. The lamination plant we are installing uses a grid of voltage-controlled filaments to preheat fabric with infrared.
    2. An LED releases about 2/3ds of input electricity as heat on the back of the LED. This heat has to be removed somehow, and it's tough to get that 2/3ds back in front of the LED.
    3. Even an IR LED will have the problems in (2).

    However, at high (enough) power, the radiant light from any light source (LED, LEP, HID, etc) is perceptible. However, reaching 40C or not depends on many things, including the specific heat of the target, and how quickly heat flows away from it.
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