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Thread: new member, LED strip lighting power supply question for amperage

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    Default new member, LED strip lighting power supply question for amperage

    i bought 16' of LEd strip lighting and the assembly has an input voltage of 12v/2amps.

    does this mean i can use any 12v power supply i have sitting around as long as i can match up the 2 amps worth of output?

    i have a crap load of power supplies in a box in my garage, firgured I would try to use them instead of buying new ones. . .

    thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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    Default Re: new member, LED strip lighting power supply question for amperage

    Hi - welcome to CPF. Simplistically, if you have a 12V power supply rated for at least 2A, it should suffice for your project. You should use a single power supply for this since not all power supplies are amenable to operating in parallel. You should also verify that your power supply is either regulated (puts out 12V under all current levels within its rating) or puts out a stable 12V at the 2A you expect your LED strip to be consuming. The former variety - unsurprisingly referred to as regulated power supplies - are generally preferred.

    A word about LED strips - I've found that the current ratings for these are specified per foot or per meter. This is fine for most projects where you simply need to avoid overloading the +/- bus wires or need to estimate the maximum power supply size, but troublesome for anything more granular since the unit length never contains a whole number of segments. Thankfully, the "3528" models generally consume 20mA per segment while "5050" models consume 20mA per channel (3 channels per LED, so 60mA per segment). I don't know how the double-density modules are arranged - I suspect current requirements are doubled per segment.
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