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Thread: New guy here with a question for you guys/gals

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    Default New guy here with a question for you guys/gals

    I am planning on taking my Piaa 540 xtreme white driving lights off of my older bumper guard and throwing them on the new one, but I know that one of the bulbs is gone. So, taking into account all of your combined knowledge, what would you say is the best replacement (h3 i think) bulb for those driving lights? Just an fyi, that I had anything colored in a auto bulb (with the exception of yellow for obvious purposes), so sticking to the whitest and brightest is my sole purpose.

    Thanks for all of your help (in advance)


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    Default Re: New guy here with a question for you guys/gals

    Welcome to the board!

    You *could* take this opportunity to get away from PIAA, but your question is "what is the best H3". I'd say the best one with a clear envelope is the Narva Rangepower +50; the Osram Nightbreaker Plus has *some* colored glass but that color only affects the beam outside of the critical part of the beam.

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