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    As a photographer, I used a number of b&w filters. But with flashlights I'm stumped.

    I carry and use a Klarus XT11 and consider it an outstanding light. But can anyone bring me up to speed on the use of filters? Green is good for map reading and following blood trails. The red filter is good for not attracting attention and retaining night vision. My dad used dark red filters during WWII (he was an aviator). But green, I think, might do the same thing but letting through more light.

    Still, I'm leaning towards the red because it can be used as an emergency light on the road. But I'd like to see the advantages of other filters.

    Thanks for any help!

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    White Diffuser Filter:
    Makes the flashlightbeam more gentle, hotspot is diffused so the light gives a flood beam. It is suitable for close distance lighting and the
    uniform beam distribution is very suitable for area lighting.

    Red Filter
    Used for emergencies, caution, traffic signal and hunting to not spook game. Great for penetrating fog or smoke. Does not disrupt night vision

    Green Filter
    Used for hunting and hiking. Green is also very popular for night time map reading and covert operations because it does not disrupt night vision

    Blue Filter
    Used for night fishing, tracking wounded game, and close reading.

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    But what makes green a popular filter? Green light travels further than red light, but if one could choose only one filter, which would be the most useful?

    How would one use a green filter -- in what situation? I think red would be better for emergencies. (I'll bet with two flashlights with red filters, one could hold them over one's head five inches apart and scare the living daylights out of people at night!)

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