Hi all,

This may have been discussed before, but I still can't believe that Surefire is not offering the Fury with that kind of switch, it seems total common sense to give that light this type of user interface, at least as an optional feature, even if it came at an additional price. Why in the world would you create such a great dual output light, and then put such a totally inferior user interface on it?

By the same token, if the Kroma would have 500 lumens, I would happily pay its price just to get the better user interface compared to the Fury, even if I never need the various light colours that the Kroma also offers, and despite the fact that I think the Kroma is much less pleasing to the eye and pocket than the Fury.

But as far as my actual question is concerned, let's forget about the why, and focus on the how:

I want the switch functionality of the Kroma, but on a dual output Fury. Is that a feasible mod in any way?

Whether by actually transplanting the Kroma switch into a Fury, or in whichever other way, I don't care as long as it's reliable. Aftermarket switches? Anything?

Frustrating - no, inFURYating.