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Thread: SOLD - Moddular / Torchlab package

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    Default SOLD - Moddular / Torchlab package


    Another catch and release. An absolutely gorgeous tinted wall of light from the Torchlab Triple neutral XPG2 head, V4, HML. Bought it from PSM over HERE. He was kind enough to sell me a body with it, and I purchased the diamond patterned aluminum tail cap with McClicky and medium press direct from Oveready.

    $245 for the package

    This package will NOT be split so please don't ask. Sale price is commensurate with my reluctance to sell it, but my "no shelf queen" rule dictates what I keep and what I sell!

    Light is in great condition - there may be a few marks on the bezel ring, but no scratches or gouges. It is in VERY GOOD condition. Having said that, perfection RARELY exists so don't expect it here. If you are looking for perfection, please order one direct from the good folks at Oveready.

    First "I'll take it" posted in this sales thread is the winner. The light is yours when I deliver it to the post office - if you have any concerns you can purchase insurance for what it costs me.

    (Note - I will be out of pocket until around 3 PM eastern today and may seem unresponsive. Rest assured that the first "I'll take it" in this thread will claim the light, and I'll respond as soon as I return to my office. I could probably even get it in the mail today following a successful transaction.)

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    Default Re: FS - Moddular / Torchlab package

    I'll take it! Incoming pm!
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    Default FS - Moddular / Torchlab package

    Quote Originally Posted by azzid View Post
    I'll take it! Incoming pm!
    PM replied to - thank you! Package is Sold

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