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Thread: 6V Maglite vs Magcharger

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    Default 6V Maglite vs Magcharger

    what is it about the magcharger that makes it so much brigter than the other 6v maglites, beside the fact that it uses a halogen bulb?

    I have a 4C mag with everedy halogen bulb.
    my bro has a 4D mag with halogen bulb, but still both are no where near as bright as the magcharger. (which i believe is also 6v nicad)

    what if i was to buy the halogen bulb for the magcharger, and modify it to fit my 4C? would that work?

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    I do not know the exact amperage rating of the MC bulb but imagine it would be above the level manageable by alkaline C and D cells, about 1.5A max, I believe. This is almost certainly the key reason for the brightness of the MC. Carley used to sell the CL612 which was basically their aftermarket MagCharger bulb. This was a 6V, 5-nicd cell, 1.7A bulb. At a rating of about 180 lumens, sounds to be on par with the MagCharger bulb. So, not only is the bulb too high in amperage, the higher internal resistance of the alkie cells will depress the voltage even more. Bottom line, the bulb might not be much brighter than an overdriven 3-cell bulb in your 4D. Sorry to rain on your parade.


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