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Thread: Can't Wait (Bored 6P)

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    Default Can't Wait (Bored 6P)

    Just scooped up a bored 6P off the bay, only picked up after reading the reviews here.

    Any bored Furys or other models for sale right now?

    Awesome that you offer a LE Discount, I will take advantage of that!

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    Default Re: Can't Wait (Bored 6P)

    I apologize for the late response, just now saw your post

    Please see thread "SureFire® lights bored for 18650 cells - ready for immediate delivery". That thread is updated as quantities change & new lights are added.
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    Surefire® boring including E-Series & Weapon Lights* Please text msg, phone or email through contact page at https://precisionelectrical.us/

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