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Thread: Tell Us What Do You Use Your HeadLamp For?

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    Default Re: Tell Us What Do You Use Your HeadLamp For?

    Just used mine to finish reading a book without turning on the overhead light (itís too darn bright!)

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    I started using them as my lights I carry every day. I mostly only throw on the head strap when night fishing, whether it be on the boat, or hiking to and from fishing spots. It's so much more convenient to carry a light that can double as a headlamp.

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    My first experience with a headlamp was for fishing a pond on a moonless night. It was a light bulb type. The kind you flip forward to turn on and push back against your forehead to turn off. Very handy for tieing knots and such. Battery life was less than stellar but using it a few minutes at a time that really didn't matter much.

    Later I tried those $5 multi LED type for work for seeing my laptop keyboard at night. About the time I joined here I tried a Coast with adjustable beam and sliding output adjuster. That thing was awesome. I put my work truck in a shop for maintenance and somebody made off with my Coast. So later I tried a Streamlight Double Clutch.

    With everything contained in the front area it was a lot more comfy than the Coast with its rear mounted battery pack. On a hard hat it didn't matter. But when laying on the floor trying to replace a heating element on a gas water heater, comfort matters.

    Red, I do not know how much night photography you embark on but you will find that head lamp very handy for setting up on a tripod, switching lenses, adjusting settings and locating bug spray in your carry bag.
    An infinite adjustable output type is great for fill lighting in macro work too. That Coast was great for that.

    For walking in the woods and such I prefer my light to eminate from my hip area as that is better at preserving my peripheral vision. Especially in high humidity or fog. But once stationary the headlamp is a great tool to have.
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    Saturday night after a fine steak supper with the in-laws, we retired to the screen porch to enjoy one of the last warm evenings of summer and to play a board game. The sun goes down a lot earlier in August, and it got a little dim to be making out the game. I'd brought over my new toy ^H^H^H illumination tool to show the brother in law - I plunked my new Olite H2R on my head and lit up the board game for the rest of the evening, losing "Settlers of Catan" but a great evening none the less.

    You know, my old headlamp was so bulky by comparison, it never came out on social occasions. Cargo pants are idea for the flashaholic.


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    I use headlamps for hunting, fishing and farm chores. During winter, most of my farm work is at night before and after my day job. I use white for general work and some fishing, but find red to be the most useful for hunting and livestock chores. Animals can't see in the red spectrum (hence blaze orange) so I can work around them without blinding them, or walk out to my hunting stands without spooking game. A white flood is useful for working on the machines in the field, and other general purposes. I rarely need a long throw.

    I will be evaluating a prototype white/red headlamp from Lucifer Lights in a few weeks. I will put it through the paces ranging from farm chore to elk hunting in the Rockies, and will write up a review for y'all.

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    I use lower power (AA or RCR123) options for doing electronics soldering and wiring work on my guitars - at the workbench.

    In a power failure, I would use a higher power/18650 option for general illumination, as I navigate around the house and outdoors.
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