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Thread: What happened to Zebralight?

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    Question What happened to Zebralight?

    I had a couple of Zebralights that I wanted to purchase, and have not been able to find a dealer with any of there lights in stock for a long time. I was planning on having a H600F for this hunting season, but never could find one for sale. What is the status on them shipping out lights? Does anyone know of any dealers getting shipments?

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    I don't know about dealers, but they just shipped my new Mark II H600w to me last week.

    I purchased it directly from the ZL website. It came when they said it would. It works great. Better than great: awesome.

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    zebralight does something similar to jit, just in time. they don't have large batches of lights sitting around

    they will run out, all dealers then cannot get any (if not stocked) and zebralight then has more built
    and it might take a month to restock...

    zebralight is still in business they just sometimes have a month wait for out of stock stuff
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    Illumination Supply shows stock on the H600Fw Mk II. I just got a H602w from there this week, and wow what a nice floody beam.
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