Hello Ze,
Thanks for the post! A great way to get to the bottom of what people need. Its also a great way to introduce folks who have only seen hardware store lights to the world of flashlight options. I see this as a mini crash course in the world of flashlight options. Before I found CPF and BLF I thought my mini mag was the pinnacle of EDC lights!

Since you asked for suggestions here are a few:

What flashlights have you used?

A section that lists what flashlights the person already has helps to establish the users reference points in terms of output, features, range, size, weight and newbieness, etc. Forms a basis for comparison.

Light levels available in the light:
i.e." moonlight to supernova and everything in between or just supernova" Introduces the infinitely dimmable to folks who think a flashlight is either "On or Off"
Also can be used to introduce UI and the range of programmable options Ie "Toykeepers Bistro"

Color temperature:
Cool, Neutral or Warm?
A bit about Kelvin and the range of colors and applications in the case of LED’s etc
i.e.“for photography use neutral LED's ~4000K”
"for max throw, stick with the cool LED's"