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Thread: SupBeam EC30: anybody have one? Lux?

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    Default SupBeam EC30: anybody have one? Lux?

    Browsing for an 18650 pocket light I came across the SupBeam EC30. I couldn't find any reviews of this light but SupBeam makes good products, and one detail caught my eye: Peak beam intensity: 10500cd. I wonder if this is genuine? I know that SupBeam has given exaggerated or inaccurate beam distance numbers but their peak intensity figure for the K40 was quite accurate I believe. (In the case of the K40 the listed beam distance didn't match the listed intensity.) If this number is accurate this is the best throwing 1" head XM-L reflector light that I have found. With an XM-L2 it should be even better. (For the EC30 the beam distance and intensity figures match.) The smooth reflector tightly fitted to the LED dome (see the pictures on the site) make me think this just might be possible.

    Has anyone handled one of these lights, and even better taken lux readings?
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