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Thread: SureFire M2 vs C2???

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    Default SureFire M2 vs C2???

    Is the bezel the only difference between the two? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    I also believe that the M2 come with both the LOLA and the HOLA.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Botach [img]graemlins/twak.gif[/img] (who I've had pretty good luck with [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) has C2s in HA for $69.00!

    "Lux" Luther-an

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    the difference between the M2 and C2, is the M2 comes with a shock isolated bezel, an extra O-ring on the tailcap end of the barrel, and the P61 high-output lamp.

    if you're not going to burn up batteries with the hola or abuse your light, the C2 should be good enough. if you later decide you need the hola or shock isolated bezel, you can simply purchase it from surefire. this would be better than buying the M2, and realizing you don't really need the extra features like i did [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] i sold my M2 and got a C2 instead.

    call botach to make sure they have stock, and you should be fine. $69 for a HA C2 is a very good deal.

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    "$69 for a HA C2 is a very good deal. "

    Second that, especially when you want to get the
    KL3. Cost efficient solution.

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    As is a G2 for 25


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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    littleninjai: i agree, since the M2 bezel and P61 lamp are not going to be used if he gets the KL3. G2 for 25 is good too, but i would choose the C2 over it cos the G2 doesn't have a pocketclip, grip ring, and the tailcap isn't completely waterproof.

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    But you can get the G2 in all 3 colours (nearly) for the price of a single C2! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    Perhaps the sig is a hint eh Onyx???

    That stuff really is all tucked into a box that I just haven't sealed up yet because I expect you will want one or two or a dozen other items!!!

    I even have a slightly larger box standing by!

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    I would still get the M2 if just for the shock isolation and extra lamp. Trust me after you drop your C2 and break a $15-20 lamp you will be kicking yourself for not going with shock isolation.

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    what bugged me about the M2 was the size of the bezel i'd advise handling both the C2 and M2, and deciding whether you mind the extra size or not. personally i did, so i sold it and got a C2.

    one thing i noticed about the M2 bezel, is that the cushion seems to protect more against backwards and forwards shock that the lamp would be exposed to when attached to a recoiling weapon, but how well does it protect against side to side shock?

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    I don't think there is much side to side shock protection. But you see, the filament is hanging from the 2 post in the bulb, so the most likely breakage is still from the forward and backward because the middle of the filament will most prolly swing like a skipping rope if shaken vigourously...

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    Default Re: SureFire M2 vs C2???

    true...but its side to side shock that bends the filament posts and causes the beam to go out of focus, creating dark spots. a surefire with a badly out-of-focused beam is pretty much no longer a surefire, since one of their trademarks is the flawless beam. personally i've never shattered a bulb by dropping it, whether in surefires, maglites or UKE lights. they usually survive the falls, and occassionally the filament or its posts gets bent due to the shock, causing the beam to !@#$ up.

    my record so far is dropping a 3D maglite from about 1.6 metres onto a cement floor. the drop put a dent in the bezel, but the bulb survived, albeit with a badly skewed beam with an ugly dark spot, whether in spot or flood focus, and i changed the bulb anyway [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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