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Thread: SOLD: LensLight Mini, Dark Earth (serial #002)

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    Default SOLD: LensLight Mini, Dark Earth (serial #002)

    LensLight Mini, Dark Earth (serial #002), 3 stage GDUP driver, McClicky, XR-E R2.

    ASKING: $130

    The light is in mint condition. Photo seems to be showing a speck of dust.

    This is a catch and release - I need lights with more flood plus punch for my edc rotation. This light has a variable optic and will throw quite a distance, some serious PUNCH! But when set for maximum flood, it is just not enough flood for me. Unfortunate vision issues. Could send it to be modded. But first wanted to make it available to collectors.


    First to post an unconditional "I'll take it!" in this thread gets it pending funds -
    and that post takes precedence over all other forms of communication.

    Payment: Confirmed PayPal.
    If PayPal funds are not received within 4 hours of sending my PayPal address, Iíll assume the buyer has had a change of heart - stuff happens. No hard feelings. The light then will be relisted. If you need more than 4 hours, please let me know right away when requesting my PayPal address and weíll try to work something out. Communication is critical.

    Shipping: Price includes shipping by US Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
    Insurance is extra. I am not responsible for items once they are shipped.

    International Sales: International buyers are welcome. Please note the following.
    (1) I fill out the Customs forms accurately, and so I will list this as a sale/commercial transaction, not as a gift. (2) You assume responsibility for any mishaps with Customs or shipping. (3) If we make a deal, we will agree on the manner and cost of shipping, and at the time of sale you will pay all shipping costs in excess of the CONUS shipping costs that would otherwise be incurred. If I get charged more at the P.O. than we figured, I will ask you to pay the difference. If itís less, Iíll PayPal you the difference. Again, all risks of shipping and delivery are with the buyer once the package is mailed.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Default Re: LensLight Mini, Dark Earth (serial #002), 3 stage GDUP

    I'll take it

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    Default Re: LensLight Mini, Dark Earth (serial #002), 3 stage GDUP

    LensLight Mini is

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