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Thread: High dynamic range ceiling beamshots...

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    Default High dynamic range ceiling beamshots...

    As mentioned in my introductory posting the other day, I have finished my beamshot gallery. I decided to label each photo with details, rather than just relying on my blog entry for descriptions, which is why I did not post it yesterday. I had described it as a "huge gallery" yesterday but in retrospect, that is an exaggeration when compared to how many lights most people on these forums probably have. Hopefully I did not set people's expectations too high! Anyway, here is the link to the blog entry describing the gallery in detail...


    Although there are links to the gallery in the blog, for those who want to skip all the reading and just see the photos, here is the gallery itself...


    I am waiting on the delivery of a new Thrunite TN32 (should be here by the end of the week ), so I may update the gallery within the next week with a beamshot from it too.

    Lastly, here is a photo showing my modest (not so huge!) current collection of the lights I shot for the gallery...

    I am hoping some of you might enjoy the blog entry and gallery, and perhaps even find it useful in some way. Cheers, and Happy 2014!

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    Default Re: High dynamic range ceiling beamshots...

    Nicely done, very cool! Like the green laser shots.

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