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Thread: Fenix TK35 question and possible mod

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    Default Fenix TK35 question and possible mod

    I own an original TK35. It's been a great light for the year and a half I have been using it. Today I was looking at the TK75 and I noticed that there's an extension tube for the TK75. When I looked, the connection they show in the photos that looks extremely similar to the one between the head and the carrier in the TK35. I then started googling and searching on here and this is the only thing I found from B&H saying that you can indeed extend a TK35.

    Is this possible? Would it cause problems? Are there any modifications I would need to make to either the light or the carrier? Will this triple the runtime of the light?


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    Default Re: Fenix TK35 question and possible mod

    I don't think it will work. The reason is the TK75 extender is used with a 4-18650 battery carrier and not a 2-18650! Also, 4 18650 would probably fry your TK35.
    I'd say the website information is wrong: you should e-mail Fenix to find out for sure.

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