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Thread: Snake Cam, may be helpful in troubleshooting

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    Default Snake Cam, may be helpful in troubleshooting

    So I picked up this snake camera here in Japan. Originally, it was intended for computer repair, automotive work, fishing wiring through walls for home electronics, finding/retrieving parts (it came with attachable mirrors, hooks and loops), and anything else I could think of.

    Well, I noticed the camera tube was smaller than a AAA battery, so I decided to play with it to see what I could see in one of my AAA lights. This particular model can take video and stills onto a microSD.

    Just thought I'd share.

    And now the actual shots the tool took:

    It appears you can get too close and the image starts to blur, but I can see this thing still being helpful in troubleshooting and repairing lights, especially those without removable ends (head or tail caps).
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