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Thread: Ever find a flashlight.

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    Default Ever find a flashlight.

    I was reading the "Ever lost a flashlight and not noticed?" thread, and it got me wondering. Has anyone of us found a flashlight? A quick search of CPF found no thread on this topic.

    I'll start with my story. About five years ago I was setting up a test lab. I had an electrician come in to wire dedicated grounded circuits. He had trouble running the wires down the walls. So he had to go up in the ceiling to run wires.

    After the electrician had finished, he showed me the newly installed outlets and circuit breakers. I thanked him for his efforts. He cleaned up his tools and left for the day.

    Not more than 10 minutes later I was sitting at my desk. And I noticed something peculiar in the ceiling. I could see the beam from the contractor's mini-mag light partially lighting one of the ceiling tiles. I immediately called the contractor on his cell phone. But he wasn't going to make a return trip at the beginning of rush-hour traffic just for a mini-mag light. I offered to mail the light to his home or to his business, whichever he felt comfortable with, but he just couldn't be bothered and said that I could just keep the damn thing.

    So I got a ladder, easily lifted just one ceiling tile, and retrieved the mini-mag light. As far as I know, that mini-mag light is still in that lab.
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    Default Re: Ever find a flashlight.

    GOOD IDEA ............if my wife ask where did I get that flashlight I'll tell her I just found it.

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    Default Re: Ever find a flashlight.

    I found a Maglite Solitaire minus its tail cap in a parking lot a few years ago. It must have unscrewed from the owner's key ring without being noticed. The Solitaire had been out in the weather for a long time.
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    Default Re: Ever find a flashlight.

    I put a VPT into a different pouch than I normally do, and, later, didn't remember doing it, and thought I left it at a job site. Many months later, I found it when I went to put something else into that pouch...and It was like Xmas.

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    Default Re: Ever find a flashlight.

    Years ago, I gave my oldest child a Photon Freedom on a key ring with a house key. These items were promptly lost. Over three years later, I found the light and key in the dirt in the back yard. I replaced the batteries, and the Photon Freedom works fine.

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    Default Re: Ever find a flashlight.

    I have found a few lights,tk75vn and tk61vn in work

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