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Thread: County Comm Maratac AAA Rev 3

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    Default County Comm Maratac AAA Rev 3

    Just got it yesterday, and I must say its a bright little sucker. And the diffuser they include is just plain awesome. Pretty floody of course but that's to be expected with such a emitter to reflector size ratio. Now if they just proportionately update the AA version that would be great.

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    Default Re: County Comm Maratac AAA Rev 3

    They plan on having Rev 3 AA lights in stock in June. According to their website.
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    Default Re: County Comm Maratac AAA Rev 3

    I just got the AAA Rev 3 a few days ago. I have had the AAA Rev 1 for a couple of years now, and I loved it. I think I'll like this Rev 3 even more. Here are the differences from my Rev 1, in case anyone is interested:

    • The Rev 3 has a longer knurling surface which covers almost the entire length of the head tube, for easier 1-handed operation
    • GITD O-ring under the lens
    • GITD rubber diffuser
    • Redesigned pocket clip, which is tighter around the body and rides just a millimeter or two deeper in a pocket
    • Noticeably brighter on high (138 lumens compared to my Rev 1 at 80 lumens)
    • Slightly cooler white beam

    The 3 slight complaints I have with this Rev 3 are:

    • The pocket clip extends just a hair beyond the base of the light, giving it a very slight wobble when tail standing.
    • My Rev 1 has a slightly warmer (if a little green) tint, which I prefer to the slightly cooler white of this Rev 3.
    • The included rubber diffuser has a very loose fit on the light head - it easily falls off with a light tap. For tail standing, it is sufficient.

    Also, another complaint that is not unique to this Rev 3 - as with my Rev 1, it has pretty bad PWM on Medium and Low modes.

    Other than that, I'm pretty impressed with the Rev 3, and it will serve as my EDC during the warmer seasons where pocket space is limited.
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    Default Re: County Comm Maratac AAA Rev 3

    I was waiting for them to come in stock, got impatient and ordered a copper aaa version. Now I do not know if I should buy the new rev3 aaa. Is it worth it? Other than the mid mode, what's better about it than the CU?

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