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Thread: batteries 18650 and multi cell likhts

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    Default batteries 18650 and multi cell likhts

    I have a number of Led flashlights one 3 cell cree one 2 cell cree and a few single cell cree and ultrafire lights. My problem is the batteries just seem to not want to recharge once taken out of the multi cell lights. Seem fine if I just use them in the singles. I have learned from this form that there is proteced and unprotected batteries (new to me).I tried the 9 volt trick I picked up her and one came back and is charging but the other does nothing and shows no voltage on my volt meter. My question is if these batteries are that temperamental in the multi cell lights what should I be doing different to save the batteries? I am using ones I bought on ebay usually ultrafire protected. Should I be using different batteries than I am? The ones on ebay seem inexpensive so naturally I was buying them should I bite the bullet and buy another brand and if so what ones and where do I get them. I realize for you guys this is probably old news but I just joined and have read a lot but still would like some personal interaction.

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    On the question: should I buy other batteries, the answer is: YES!
    No XX-fire crap. Most of the times those batteries are re-used and no good. Those batteries are (very) dangerous.
    Check out the battery section for more info on li-ion batteries.

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    There is going to be a great deal of information in the batteries section. Read the "horror stories". There are some things to scrimp on, and some things not to scrimp on. Get a digital multimeter (I do scrimp on this) and check the voltage of every cell you pull off of the charger, especially for multicell lights. Don't leave your charger unattended. Protected and unprotected batteries should not be mixed together, nor different types, nor different Mah capacities of the same make of battery. I like AW brand cells, but there are a few others that are recommended also. Get one of the best chargers. I have a Pila IBC, but some of the XTAR chargers are also recommended. A few years ago a man in the southern states was smoking an e-cigarette, using a Li-ion cell, and blew out most of his teeth. Probably a combination of a cheap cell, and a cheap charger. Here in my town a few months ago, an e-smoker was charging a cell, and it blew up and a flaming bit of something set the bed on fire, which was able to be extinguished. I highly recommend doing a lot of reading in the battery/charger section, including any "stickys". I haven't covered enough, but it is important to educate yourself.

    Slightly off-topic, but I am currently writing up a few "technical bulletins" for my family, so that if something were to happen to me, they could use and enjoy my stuff with a minimal chance of hurting themselves. Should have done it before, and I wish I were getting paid as a technical writer to type these word documents.
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