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Thread: BTUSHOCKERVN for sale with special offer

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    Default BTUSHOCKERVN for sale with special offer

    I am selling my BTU Shockervn because i really have no where to shine it at, as there are houses all around mine and it would light up the whole block

    The light has been engraved by Vinh and the front of the flat part of the reflector has been painted red which looks sick it also has the modded battery carrier. I would like $190 Only price drop to $180 shipped within the untied states

    Special Offer: buy the btushockervn and get a blue Niteye NE01 for free

    First ill take it rules apply followed by prompt paypal payment

    PM me for paypal info

    Now for some pictures and beamshots

    BTUSHOCKERVN.......................FIRE FOX FF-4
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    Default Re: BTUSHOCKERVN for sale with special offer

    Is this still for sale as it's been on for a while now. I have a tk75vn kt how do you think it would compare to it for throw.

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