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Thread: Led Lenser P5R.2 vs M7R...?

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    Default Led Lenser P5R.2 vs M7R...?

    I recently went on Safari in Botswana and my tracker had the LL M7R. I was very impressed, especially with the zoom! Came home and researched LL and find much negativity. But it does appear that LL is the only option with a real zoom...

    I'm confused in comparing the P5r.2 v M7R. They are roughly the same price - the P5 has more lumens, smaller size and weight and longer battery and is newest. The M7 is bigger, heavier, older, yet has more functions. Hard to tell what is the best value for bucks? Seems to be leaning in favor of the P5...?

    Anyone have an opinion P5 vs M7?


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    Default Re: Led Lenser P5R.2 vs M7R...?

    I dont have either but know my LL ok,had many over the years,latest is the t7.2 and think its a great useful light. I dont think you could go wrong with either imo,however go off size,convenience etc . Personally i prefer the 7 size/factor so a little more floody with the wider head,lots of variations and the 7 can be run regulated or not in the options.

    If its a real struggle then both,if its on your person the p5r.2 for edc type,the mt7 is a tad too big imho for easy carry but depending on coat/pants it can be carried fine still.

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