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Thread: Accessory Filters For Larger Lights

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    Nitecore makes four 60mm filters for their flashlights, Red, Green, Blue and a Diffuser. I just received two of the 60mm Nitecore filters, their red NFR60 and their diffuser NFD60. Both filters fit BOTH the M6 and the SRK perfectly. They also fit the Fenix TK 50 and TK 60 fine. The main body is soft enough rubber so it fits the 58.6 mm M6 to the almost 62 mm TK60 front bezel quite well. Blue NFB60 and green NFG60 filters are also available. Lenses are plastic rather than glass and are removable from the rubber bodies so other filters could be held. They should also fit other lights with front bezels in the 58mm to 62mm range. The filter itself is 56.75mm in diameter though I expect that any unmounted filter from 56 to 58mm will work fine if installed in the rubber holder.

    The Mountain Electronics modified versions of the M6 and SRK lights have added multiple low output levels which are excellent for use with the red filter for minimizing night vision loss when illumination is needed for a night time task.

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    I have two of their diffusers. The NFD40 works well on a Streamlight Stinger LED and the NFD34 works well on the Surefire Fury.

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    I have a couple of 40mm nitecore and a 60mm one,also a couple of thrunite flips that are 58mm but will fit a 60mm head

    Have to watch the pins though as come loose and could be lost

    I find the nitecore diffuses better,nicer flood with a great spread of light over the thrunite.

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    MX25L3vn kit has a full set of color and diffused filters. Damn things are a pain to screw on though

    Red, yellow , green, blue , diffused

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