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    Anybody know what's going on with this new light? Tonight the Thrunite website said it's release date is Aug 25th. But around 2200 tonight I literally saw the exact web page change to say the release date is now Sept 20th. I saw some on various forums say they bought one from Amazon already though.

    I had placed an order for a third Olight i3s tonight, but cancelled it after reading about this guy. To literally watch the release date change to a month from now after doing so does not make me happy.

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    The first batch of Thrunite Ti3 lights sold out quickly.
    They are making more. You have to wait.

    I had one in my Amazon cart but needed another item to get to $35 and free shipping.
    I waited too long and they sold out.

    To have a AAA light get 120~150 lumens is worth a little more wait.

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    That sucks... The 120 lumens is cool, but I'm mainly wanting to try this light out since the UI is L>M>H. Otherwise I'd just stick with buying another Olight i3s

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