I ordered one of these BC30 lights today.

Going to put it through its paces as I ride 45 miles/day four days a week pre dawn, as fast as I can. Have a road and mountain bike. All rides will be on the paved hilly back roads of Connecticut. For the last 6 years I have been using a Fenix TK 15 with a two fish type mount on my helmet and it has worked great. The TK15 gives me good light to 200 feet out. My issues are spotting deer to avoid hitting them and I have had several close calls. Want to add the BC30 to better illuminate the first 100 feet in front of me.

I am a little concerned about the weight and its impact on the mount in that it may move the mounting position due to vibration. That has happened with the two fish handlebar mount I used this morning with my 18650 HDS light. So, a two fish type set-up is a no go for me. The HDS light was okay with spill, but not great at illuminating 100 feet out. Also purchased an extra Fenix handlebar mount to test a Fenix TK15 on the handlebars too. We will see how that goes. But, I do prefer a neutral white beam for near distance.