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Thread: Anyone like Z52's over the Z57's?

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    Default Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    Anyone here still like the Z52 tailcaps even after using the Z57 clickies? Im thinking about converting all my executive lights to Z57's. I personally think although they're less "tactical" they're definitely more practical to use.

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    Default Re: Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    I was never reall happy with my Z57, it didn't feel near as good as my Z49 (both are unaltered) or kroll switch. Went back to the Z52s. There is a spacer modification for the Z57s that is supposed to improve their function and feel. Try one and see if they are for you. If you don't like it put it on the BST, someone will take it pretty quick.

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    Default Re: Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    I put Z52's on my L4 and TW4. I did this because of the added resistance of the Z57 when used without clicking it. I almost never clicked on the KL4's. I put the Z57's on two UBH's with KL1's. I almost always click on the KL1's. I figure this makes my batteries last a little longer. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    HunterSon, you should do the Z57 mod and then see if you're happy with it. It's a HUGE improvement! How is the Z49? I was thinking about getting one for my Z3.

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    Default Re: Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    I use my L4, E2E and E2E+ mostly in combat or "syringe" grip and have found the Z52 more convenient and functional to use than the Z57. In addition, you can custom tailor the Z52 to your preferred degree of resistance

    Quick fix for E2E LOTC stiffness

    Spring tension on the E2E’s Z52 LOTC can be quickly and easily adjusted to your preference.

    For less tension use the butt end of a small screwdriver or similar object to fully compress the spring as far as it will go. Hold for 5 seconds. Try it out. Repeat if necessary. The spring's memory will want to restore its original configuration so the procedure may have to be repeated later. For a more durable fix simply extend the compression period to 30 seconds or longer, making sure that the spring is fully compressed.

    To increase spring resistance do the opposite but be careful not to overextend it.


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    Default Re: Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    Where does one buy these tailcaps? I don't see them on the surefire web site.


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    Default Re: Anyone like Z52\'s over the Z57\'s?

    LPS carries the Z52 for $17.00, shipped, the last time I looked.

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