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    I was a member of CPF years ago, but forgot about the forum till today I thought to visit and behold there is a CUSTOM KNIFE forum here. WOW!!
    This is right in my alley!

    Here are a few knives I made lately.

    Steel, Toyota coil spring, scales Jarrah, pins stainless

    Steel O1, scales Silky Oak with red vulcanised liners and Stainless pins

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    Nice work. Welcome back!
    It is better to buy a beautiful, expensive, custom flashlight than to curse the darkness.

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    Default Knives I made

    Fooled me, the blade surface looks a lot like one of my grand dads old crosscut saw blade knives. I wrongly assumed you probably made the blade similarly.Found in the trash, wow, lol. nice score.

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    old crosscut saw blade knives are also good to test.

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    Can you tell me please, what kind of wood do you choose for the handle?

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