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Thread: My review TN12 vs PD35, pressure switch, swap tail cap?, scratched battery , et al.

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    Default My review TN12 vs PD35, pressure switch, swap tail cap?, scratched battery , et al.

    Wasn't sure which to get, so got both 2014 models and experimenting with them. Does anyone know if thrunite makes a pressure switch for the TN-12? I emailed customer support but didn't get very good answer. (lost in translation?). Will the TN-11s switch work for the TN-12?? I'd like my EDC to also have option to mount as weapon light. So lack of pressure switch would be something to consider.

    Would the Fenix AR-102 pressure switch work on the Thrunite TN-12? And does anyone know how to make the tail caps interchangeable betw Fenix PD35 and Thrunite TN12?
    The TN12 and PD35 threads seem to be the same. But the Fenix end cap is deeper. I can thread the TN12 end cap on the PD35 and the flashlight works. The tail cap doesn't seat all the way onto the rubber o-ring and some threads are exposed. But the TN12 tail cap bottoms out onto the PD35 body and makes contact. So seems like the TN-12 tail cap switch will work on the PD35. The opposite isn't true. The PD35 tail cap doesn't make contact to the TN12 body before you run out of threads. Is there a special aluminum washer that could be used as a spacer inside the PD35 tail cap to take up the extra space? Assuming Thrunite doesn't make a pressure switch for the TN-12, I'd like to use the Fenix AR-102 with the TN-12. Any thoughts on that?

    Big disappointment with the TN12 is that inside the tail cap is a coiled spring. The end of that spring has a sharp pigtail. So after taking tail cap on/off a few times I noticed the gold coating on the bottom of the battery had been scratched off. The pigtail scrapped off the coating on the bottom and revealed a silver or whitish underlayer. Is that underlayer conductive? Will this cause any issue or problem w/ the battery or good contact? (sigh, this was my first 18650 flashlight so my brand new panasonic battery is not-so-new anymore.)

    Quick impressions of PD35 vs TN12:
    Important to me: Having long runtime on low mode, with ability to get much brighter if needed. Versatility for EDC and weapon mount. (looking to have a couple of lights that can interchange accessories)
    Not important to me: being able to tailstand, $15-20 price difference.

    Fenix pro: customer support, accessories available, feels heftier. Wider beam than TN-12, which I personally like. Pressure switch for weapon mount.
    Fenix Con: lack of firefly mode.
    TN-12 pro: firefly mode. Little bit cheaper.
    TN-12 con: not many accessories. bad spring in endcap that scratched my batteries. availability. customer support is offshore.

    I'm surprised I value the firefly mode. I was thinking the PD35 14 lumens would be plenty "dim". But dang, for walking around dark rooms and not blinding myself I like the .3 lumens of TN-12! Still undecided which is my favorite. Liking the useability of TN-12, but not the versatility.

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    Default Re: My review TN12 vs PD35, pressure switch, swap tail cap?, scratched battery , et a

    Quote Originally Posted by snowman3 View Post
    Still undecided which is my favorite.
    Nitecore P12

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    Default Re: My review TN12 vs PD35, pressure switch, swap tail cap?, scratched battery , et a

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryp View Post
    Nitecore P12
    yeah, I think that may have been the right tradeoff. Very similar to PD35 but with moonlight mode. Sigh.
    I do like the PD35. But given firefly I've started to use the TN-12 more. At first I thought it was useless mode. Never thought I would ever have a need for it. But I walk the dogs at sunrise. So we start in the dark and finish in the light. The 14 lumen of the PD35 is too bright when just waking up. Ruins our night vision. (I find the PD35 ideal for the size of my backyard otherwise).

    The firefly mode isn't perfect though. It gets washed out if any ambient light. The kids have left the light on accidentally (twice) thinking they had turned it off. When in reality it was on firefly but no one noticed since it was so dim. So that will drain the batts unexpectedly. :-) And since it is new to me I even toggled it to firefly and thought I had actually turned it off. Then I looked into the bezel and realized what I had done.

    If I had it to do over again I would go w/ P12 and have PD35 as backup. Not sure if I'll trade in the TN12 for P12 or just keep the P12 as another backup. Got a good deal on it, so might just keep using TN12 for EDC and have the PD35 for weapon mount.

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