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Thread: Buying a Surefire online?

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    Default Buying a Surefire online?

    Is Surefire still not allowing dealers to sell their lights online after the 1st of the year or has that changed? John

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    Default Re: Buying a Surefire online?

    According to Outdoor Supplies UK`s site, they are going to allow some dealers to continue selling their products, but the majority will go. I have no more info than this, but it seems like not such bad news. Maybe your favorite dealer will keep their franchise after all. The way it was reported originally made me believe no online sales were going to be allowed, but it seems this is not entirely the truth.


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    Default Re: Buying a Surefire online?

    Well, unfortunately, one of my favorite retailers can no longer offer Surefire products. Kinda sad, Gary's a great guy and he offered fantastic prices and service in the past.
    [ QUOTE ]
    Dear Valued Customers.

    After five years of promoting and selling Surefire products, I regret to inform you that we will not be selling Surefire products any longer. Surefire has decided not to renew my contract. I have not been given a clear reason but only have been told that I do not fit their 2004 marketing plans. I have also been told that they do not want distributors that promote web business or do trade shows. It appears that they want all the web business for themselves. You can now purchase Surefire products at The Surefire Website which is available to you at FULL RETAIL.

    Please review the fantastic new Tactical Products from Streamlight below. We are also in the process of adding the Tactical lights from Pelican. I thank you for your past support of Surefire products and I hope you will continue support the great other lines of products that we feature.

    Gary Lovetro
    Arizona Gun Runners

    [/ QUOTE ]

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