Recently I received the Nextorch P2 AAA: This is my first quality light that has a focusable beam. Special feature is that that head has a 360 degrees focus system. So, an interesting light to have a closer look at!

the Nextorch P2 AAA

powered by XM-L T6

with twist-focus head

Let’s start by looking at the specs, given by Nextorch:

• Lumen320 Lumens/110 Lumens/40 Lumens /9 Lumens
• Runtime3h 10min /10h /35h/240h
• Battery3*AAA
• Distance524.93′/ 160m
• MaterialAerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
• FinishHard anodized finish
• Length159mm (Length) x 27.6mm (Body) x 39.3mm (Head)
• Weight6.24oz / 177gwithout battery

And the output specs:


The P2 AAA comes in a display / showcase. Nice that the light is shown, and it’s possible to try the light also. But, personally, I don’t like this boxes because you have to slice it open. Most features and specs are mentioned on the box in nice white / black / green color.

the blister package: also possible to try before buy..

a complete package: P2, batteries, holster, spare o-rings, manual and leaflet


First impression: A big light for an AAA-powered torch! It’s to big to carry in your pocket. The build quality is rather good, and the finishing is, except some little flaws, ok. The laser engraving is nicely done, and the light has, like the TA10, a very strong clip. The orange peel reflector is without defects, but the lens is made of cheap-feeling plastic. Also because of the focussing-system there’s the risk of dust in the reflector. The light is rated IPX-4, please mind this. The XM-L T6 led is perfectly centered. The thread run smoothly and inside the tube and the tailcap is looks overall ok. The light has some nice details, for example the red “dot” at the clip and the green glow-in-the dark switch. Summarizing, the built quality and finishing is sufficient. Have a look at the pictures below for more impressions!

a big one for a three-AAA light

but has also some nice details

stable head-standing, no tailstand possible

can’t be hidden in the hand

the orange-peel reflector without defects

engraving well done

anodizing looks ok

the soft-feel switch….

has a nice glow-in-the-dark feature

a closer look at the head, with the led in “flood-position”

and a
zoom-in to the tailcaps’ inner

a look at the spring inside the body

the battery tube, including Nextorch AAA-cells

hidden in the holster

some outside pictures….

User interface:

As said earlier, the P2 is a big one. But it’s rather easy to handle with. Focusing the head by using one hand is no problem, and the soft-feel switch is easy to find in the dark. Half press for momentary (only highest mode) or click for constant on. When on, half press to select your desired mode. The P2 has no memory, so start always at Turbo. After that you’ll cycle “down”: High – Mid – Low. The light has Strobe too, this is a direct and momentary mode. This mode needs some exercise: It took some time before I got used to it. Technical this interface works fine, but personally it’s not my favorite. I’d like to see some instant modes in future too, for example a direct low.


Four normal modes for the P2: TURBO > HIGH > MID > LOW. One special: the instant-STROBE. This mode only from off, and only momentary. The P2 AAA has MOMENTARY, but only in Turbo. No LOCK-OUT or further instant modes. The modes’ spacing is good, but there’s no real low: 9 lumens output is to much for map reading. You can solve this by spreading the lights beam.

Size comparison:

The P2 AAA compared here to it’s multicell-brother, the TA10, that is much more compact.

AAA-battery, Nextorch TA10 and Nextorch P2 AAA

Nextorch TA10 and Nextorch P2 AAA

Nextorch TA10 and Nextorch P2 AAA

XP-L V5 and XM-L T6

the tails: Nextorch TA10 and Nextorch P2 AAA


The XM-L T6 has a cool, some bluish tint. Clear to see here while comparing this to the TA10’s tint, that is more neutral.


You can adjust the profile to what you wish. But in spot mode, it has a big hotspot and corona. As with zoomable lights, the profile is optical not perfect. Clear to see at the wallshots below that the beam has a big dark ring around the corona. I think this is hard to fix in lights that have an adjustable beam. Except the rings, the beam is clean; no spots or defects.


The P2 AAA’s modes projected on a white wall here, in spot and flood. The low flood mode is almost invisible.

camera settings: ISO 100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/125 sec, 35mm

And now, we’ll see how the P2 AAA performs in the forest.. The low flood modes are barely visible, but in real life you can light up about some meters at this mode.

camera settings: ISO 100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 4 sec, 35mm


This some bigger torch can be handy for those who need a light during fishing, in your car, and in and around home. It has quite a lot output for a three AAA-light, and the cells are readily available for low price. About the interface: I’d like to see the light starting in low, combined with instant turbo. The P2 AAA has good throw and can give also enough floodlight to illuminate your path. Personally I would see a more compact and full waterproof version that has better grip and some warmer tint. But I can say this is my first quality zoom-light!

Thanks to Nextorch for providing me the P2 AAA!