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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkIntoTheLight View Post
    First, I'll point out that Zebralight is a Chinese company, which makes their lights in China, and for every country except the US, they shipped their lights to the consumer directly from China. (The US has/had a Texas warehouse where they shipped from.)

    Second, I ordered a Emisar D4v2 from International Outdoor last week. Again, a Chinese company, shipping their lights from China. It was FREE shipping, and tracking shows it's going to get delivered to me today in the regular mail (Canada). That's LESS THAN 2 WEEKS from China. That's actually better time than I would normally get before the pandemic started! (For free shipping.)

    There's absolutely no excuse why Zebralight can't do what every other Chinese company is able to do. Using the pandemic as an excuse not to do mail-order? That's not only ridiculous, but completely contrary to what every other company is doing now, including traditional brick & mortar retail stores. Zebralight no longer seems interested in running a proper business.
    you're saying that ZL only shipped domestically from the US?
    only US customers got their lights from the US, and everyone else got their lights shipped to them directly from china? that's interesting.

    i've never heard that before, and that changes my impression of the situation.

    i wonder if they're trying to make their business seem more american or something. or they're having problems with their chinese order fulfillment. or they want to do only US-based QC. i dunno.

    where were non-US customers supposed to send their lights for warranty issues?

    still though, they have to be an american company, right? are you doubting that they're registered as a business in the US and pay taxes?
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