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Thread: UV light for UV adhesive Cyberbond U3050

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    Default UV light for UV adhesive Cyberbond U3050


    I am looking for light to cure UV adhesive. I have tried different kinds of UV, see below .:

    http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showline/offerpage.aspx?Productid=3608&GroupID=15683&Histor y=39324:42484:42486:15680&ModelID=15683


    However they did not cure the adhesive enough. Can you recommend a handheld UV flashlight/torch that will cure UV adhesive, so it bonds very strong? The material is glass and it is clear only a few centimeters to be bonded with other clear glass. I use UV adhesive Cyberbond 3050http://www.aplica.dk/images/TDS__U_3050_01.pdf

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Best regards

    Christian BrÝndum

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    Default Re: UV light for UV adhesive Cyberbond U3050

    I have used for PCB at home years ago and I have also noticed that we at our company use same bulbs for curing UV glues ''uncoated mercury vapour'' bulb on 230V AC , 50Hz and you need also ballast too and timer . (basic street Mercury lamp )


    (remember this bulb is ''coated'' - to get UV you have to broke the outer bulb or get bulb inside with clear glass like that , or buy bulb like that

    http://www.internetnatrgovina.com/si...028-p-689.html for that you need also proper socket

    and ballast http://www.internetnatrgovina.com/du...02-p-2619.html 125W (no problem also 250W, difference is thicker Cu wire , but for short times would not be problem )

    for these bulbs is very fine because cover wide specter , and have deep penetration due rated power ( sorry i put links from our local web store )

    Curing times arround 180s .

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