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Thread: Leatherman 4.5" Nylon Sheath Wanted

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    Default Leatherman 4.5" Nylon Sheath Wanted

    I've been using a sheath like this for 20 or 25 years, or as long as they've had nylon sheaths. Actually, I went through a couple of the sheaths that had a corner on the flap, before they changed that. Anyway, this sheath is discontinued, and I want a few more. The sheath pictured is a clip-on model, which I bought to use with a bathing suit, or when wearing shorts without a belt.

    I've ordered a Skinth XL Shield to use with my Surge/ST300, but I won't want to use that when wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, like to church. I need a basic, minimalist sheath, like the one above. I don't know if the Skinth S or M Shield will fit a Surge or ST300. They are made for the Wave, Crunch or Wingman tools.

    The newer Leatherman nylon sheath is a poor design, IMO. I hate the elastic sides, with no bottom, and the loops should have been real pockets, like in a Skinth.

    I'm sure some of you have gotten this type of sheath with your 4.5" Leatherman, and didn't like it. Maybe you prefer leather, or the Molle sheath. If you have one to sell, please post a reply here, or message me. My current sheath is wearing out. It's time for a new one. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Leatherman 4.5" Nylon Sheath Wanted

    Hello Jack, have you taken a look at the sheaths made by Victorinox by any chance?.

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