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Thread: Found what i was looking for. Thank You All.

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    Default Found what i was looking for. Thank You All.

    Eighteen months since I joined CPF and i feel like i'm almost past the newbie stage. Before I joined, i had had a few bad experiences with sub-$100 lights. My lights are definitely NOT shelf queens, they take some pretty bad abuse, especially from airborne drywall dust and an occasional fall off a ladder. I got extremely lucky when i joined CPF looking for a tougher light, at the exact moment Elzetta was releasing their AVS head. I have a hard time imagining any situation that would damage that light, short of purposely cutting it with a saw.

    I have to thank everyone who answered my posts, especially very early in my tenure.
    Extra thanks to HKJ and 880Arm for increasing my knowledge and providing hard facts.
    I also consider the folks at Battery University to be indispensable because they shed light into every corner of a very convoluted maze of battery types.
    Thanks go to the forum owners and moderators. Without you, we would have only darkness.

    Now i have three Elzettas and have started into Moddoolar lights. At this point it is obligatory to say that my checkbook has a very different opinion of all of you.

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    Default Re: Found what i was looking for. Thank You All.

    It is great to hear your experience.

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    Default Re: Found what i was looking for. Thank You All.

    Yes, thank you for sharing! Some day, I may grow out of newb status...

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