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Thread: Why do maglites get so much hate?

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    Default Why do maglites get so much hate?

    Hello everyone. I would first like to state that this is my opinion, and I'm not writing this to start an argument. Maglites are the best flashlights made. They are extremely durable, very powerful, and and are made right here in the USA. People say the incandescent flashlights are horrible and aren't even bright, but my 6D running on duracells far exceeds what I need in terms of brightness and distance. Also, maglite uses top notch o-rings and aluminum. The knurled grip, the sleek machined lines and pure bad*** of the bigger D flashlights are why I think they are the best. I was not payed by Maglite, I grew up with their flashlights and realize how great they are. So go ahead maglite fans, tell us why YOU like maglites also.

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    This is a much discussed topic here on CPF. Please see this. There are other threads re mags, please do some searching. Good luck.


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