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Thread: AceBeam x60 for $286

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    Default AceBeam x60 for $286

    So I've been reading SupBeam turned into AceBeam and you can buy an x60 AceBeam for
    $286 shipped. It says it uses SIX 18650's but then comes with what looks like car charger as well as
    wall charger. My question is
    You can just plug the whole thing in a car outlet or wall outlet and charge the whole thing? without taking the batteries out separately and charging them individually?

    thanks in advance, Roy

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    Default Re: AceBeam x60 for $286

    Hi Roy

    Yes but afaik its not recommended. I know they have recently upgraded the carriers on the x40 etc etc which had a charge issue(imbalance across cells) May be sorted the x60 out(should have but dont know 100% if same carriers)

    It really is advised either way if possible to remove the 6 cells to stop any drain,also its better practice to charge up imo out of the light.

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    Default Re: AceBeam x60 for $286

    The in light charging system is shotty at best... It can be used in case of emergency though. The cells can also not be stored in the light long term because of parasitic drain.

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