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Thread: Fenix E41 owners, diffuser tip?

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    Default Fenix E41 owners, diffuser tip?

    I'm about to buy a 4xAA flashlight for camping use. Thanks to the reviews and runtimes of SelfBuilt, I've narrowed my choices to two: Nitecore EA41 and the Fenix E41. The Fenix has actually longer runtimes than the Nitecore but I'm leaning towards the Nitecore mainly because I can use a diffuser wand with it. The flood that a diffuser can provide will be very useful during camp.

    But I'd like to give the Fenix a chance before I finally hit the Buy button just in case there's a third party diffuser out there that I might be able to use. According to the specs, the head diameter of the E41 is 44mm so I did a lot of googling for diffuser tips and wands but have trouble finding anything.

    So for all Fenix E41 owners out there, has anybody ever used a diffuser? Or do you have diffuser tips from another light that can fit?

    Thankful to anybody that may be able to help.


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    Default Re: Fenix E41 owners, diffuser tip?

    Not the brand you're talking about, but did you check the Sunwayman F40A? For me, a good camping light. And diffuser is included...

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    Default Re: Fenix E41 owners, diffuser tip?

    I'm guessing you can use the Fenix AOD-M on that light. By the way, the AOD-M fits both my PD40 AND my EA4.

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    Default Re: Fenix E41 owners, diffuser tip?

    I use an Olight diffuser for their M22. Fits well on my EA4 and give a really nice floody beam. I tried Nitecore's NFG40 but it was a soft rubbery material and the lens pops out too easily.

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    Default Re: Fenix E41 owners, diffuser tip?

    I have a E41 and AOD-M diffuser tip. The diffuser tip will not fit the E41 because they have the same size, the diffuser tip will just sit on top of it and not wrap around it. Fenix should have made the E41 head a little smaller so that the AOD-M tip would fit. .
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