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Thread: Maglite ML50?

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    Default Maglite ML50? I stumble across this. Is this a new maglite C cell? I can't find this info anywhere else.

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    Default Re: Maglite ML50?

    Hi Mike! Thanks to the marketing genius of MagLite, we have a confusing (to some) array of model numbers.

    Anyway, the ML designation is used in the current line-up of LED MagLites. Not to be confused with XL lights.
    Depending on the exact model, it can cover 2C, 3C, 2D & 3D sizes.
    The number generally refers to the user UI options and hence, cost.

    ML50 - No frills, On-Off
    ML100 - 100%-25%-Strobe-SOS-Momentary
    ML125 - same as above, but with rechargeable NiMH pack or 3C Alkaline mixed fuel option.
    ML300L - 4 selectable Groups (General, Outdoor, Law Enforcement, Tactical) with various arrangements of Eco, Low, Full, Momentary and Strobe (LED MagCharger also running this UI)
    ML300LX - same as above, but with ‘aggressive knurled design' and 'matte stealth finish' (or shiny corn-cob knurling to the rest of us. )

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Maglite ML50?

    I haven't seen it before, looks new to me. By the description it is the same as the ML300L (3rd gen D cell LED) but it runs on C batteries. The above BH link says it has 4 mode groups that are switchable.

    Going to be on the look out for this one!

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    Default Re: Maglite ML50?

    I think this is awesome! I hope the ML50 gets the LX treatment with the matte anodizing and pineapple checkering on the grip. I know it's crazy but I'm still a Mag fan boy I guess!

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